Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cross Country

Simply in the interest of documentation, here are the text messages Tammi and I sent Mike as we entered each new state, along with a few photos I took with my phone. A rental truck is big, but the cab isn't so big, so Mike didn't get to come along, instead just experiencing our trip vicariously through text messages. We mostly sent the texts as we crossed the border, immediately after Tammi tried to take a picture of the state sign. (I don't think any of them turned out.)

July 12, 1:11 pm
Just entered Pennsylvania!

[Text from Miriam, July 12, 2:53 pm: Not too late to turn around!]

July 12, 7:30 pm
West Virginia!

Our truck in the parking lot of the little strip mall where we stopped for dinner in West Virginia.

July 12, 8:14 pm

July 13, 12:49 pm
In Indiana!

July 13, 7:07 pm
In Illinois!

July 14, 12:11 pm
In Wisconsin yeah!

July 14, 7:18 pm

[It doesn't really start to look like this until you're close to the Dakotas--I decided on this trip that the forests and hills in Minnesota and Wisconsin, also western Oregon, are my favorite landscape in this country. My own personal favorite.]

July 15, 2:27 pm
South Dakota!

[The Badlands are so cool.]

July 16, 12:39 pm

July 16, 4:23 pm
Yeah we are in Montana.

July 16, 8:44 pm
good night--talk tomorrow--still driving through endless Montana

July 16, 9:47 pm
Continental divide! El 6393 feet!

July 17, 10:41 am

July 17, 11:54 am

July 17, 3:36 pm
We are in Oregon!

July 17, 6:27 pm

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