Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A very minor rant.

My word of the day is poetical.

I looked it up, thinking "Is this even a word? Why not just poetic?"

It is a word: 1: poetic 2 : being beyond or above the truth of history or nature: idealized

It came up because I was having a hard time working on my novel this morning, so I started writing about my recent frustrations with coffee shop art and particularly the bird motif that will not die. This first took the form of suggestions for dinosaur art: Big scary dinosaurs, too—not cute little ones. Dinosaur mobils that have to be hung on foot-long spikes drilled into the ceiling with some kind of special high-tech device.

From there I decided: I want to see earthquake art, upheaval. Not the tragic kind we’re used to, with the cute kids, but bigger scale. I am tired of the scale of the coffee shop art. Photos can be amazing, but can we mix that up and go beyond the comfortable efficient print? Fill a wall.

Except then it looks like an advertisement.

So dinosaurs. Dinosaurs will solve this problem. Or how about crossword puzzles? Without clues? So you just fill in a word, as long as it is the right length, and someone else can fill in the next word, as long as it is the right length and has a letter in the right spot. Interactive art. Hopefully poetical somehow.

That's all I've got so far. Tired this morning.

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