Thursday, February 11, 2010

Days Getting Shorter

Woke up out of a strange dream last night. Days were getting shorter and it was messing everyone up. Only the beginning of my thoughts about this were the dream--my alarm went off and I kept thinking about it. I wasn't quite awake, though. Somewhere in between.

Maybe in my dream, days were 20 hours long? And at first they kept school days the same length, and people kept working eight-hour days, but their time to do other things after work and school was shrinking, and no one got enough sleep, and sunrise and sunset, daylight hours and nighttime, weren't in sync at all with the time of day.

So maybe we went back to getting up when the sun went up, and things being over when it went down, because that was the only way anyone could keep track.

And there were arguments about the five-day work week, but teachers argued that students still needed a break to rest every five days, especially with the calendar being all wonky and people having to adjust.

People wanted to change things around, make things official, like start and end times, clocks and calendars, the length of a month--how many days in a week, month, year, now that there were fewer hours in each day? But no one knew if the days would keep getting shorter, if you'd do all the work to calculate and determine everything, and then it wouldn't matter a week later.

There are many possible approaches to examining this dream. Many of them accurate. Including: Elissa is very busy. Including: Elissa is ready for spring.

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