Thursday, February 3, 2011

Overheard the Best Exchange at the Pizza Place

Me and Ida waited for ever for our calzones at Good Neighbors tonight, but at least I got some eavesdropping in.

Guy: So what are you reading these days?
Woman: I've been trying to read Infinite Jest, but ugh.

She talks about how David Foster Wallace is obviously really smart, and she has to read it with a dictionary next to her and look up a bunch of words, but he goes off for like three pages on these random things, so she's set it down and maybe she'll try again sometime--"Like when I retire." She says how maybe if she were in college and didn't have anything else to do but try to figure it out, then that might be okay, but she's too busy.

Guy: Yeah, when I retire I'm reading Infinite Jest, Don Quixote, and Underworld by Don Delillo.

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