Monday, January 14, 2013

The Illusion, by Pierre Corneile, Freely Adapted by Tony Kushner

I checked this out of the library a long time ago. I don't remember why--if someone recommended it, or it might've just been because I'm a long time Tony Kushner fan. So maybe I just heard about it somewhere and that was enough. I used to read a lot of plays, and lately I've gone through phases, especially of Anne Carson's translations. This is absolutely the kind of play I would've read in high school or college--maybe I even did read it at some point, though not this translation, which, according to the acknowledgements, "contains many scenes and many speeches which do not appear in the French original." Which confuses me--how is it the same play, then?

But I read it yesterday, and loved it. Nice to read a play again. And it's a great story--it would be fun to see a production of this.

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