Wednesday, February 4, 2009

At Albina Press on Albina

This woman is dressed amazing: hair up and back in a casual sort of twist but the bangs are doing something funny, off to the side; a gray t-shirt very tucked into high-waisted black and white flowery print pants that are almost capris but a little longer; and she has her black socks pulled all the way up but they still don’t quite meet the pants. There’s a couple inches of a gap on one side, and on the other side the pants are partly tucked into the socks. (Maybe it’s two different black socks not actually a pair? I can’t tell.) And then black suede shoes, flats with maybe 4 holes for the laces. I had pants vaguely like those at my most nerdiest, seventh grade, but I think they were blue and green flowered or something, and they were at least long enough. But that was in 1987. And anyway I never wore them because they were so high waisted. I was a nerd but I was still trying. Really hard.

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