Saturday, August 11, 2012

Stolen Pleasures, by Gina Berriault

Just finished this collection of short stories--by a fabulous writer born in 1923, died 1999. Why hadn't I ever heard of her? Such a good writer, and fairly acclaimed during her life--at least, published widely, won a couple Pushcarts, that kind of thing. But--she should be read now, taught, anthologized, not forgotten! There are probably many writers we could say that about. Anyway. Worth reading. So good. Not complicated--I was going to say "Simple," but they aren't that. Set in an ordinary world, mostly northern California--some small town, some little city (" "), lots of San Francisco, some rural California--she talks a lot about... well, I wouldn't say she "talks a lot" about anything, really. She inhabits these characters, their lives. It's beautifully done. She had three earlier collections, and this is a selection from those stories, plus a later one never before published. I think I want to track down and read them all.

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