Monday, August 20, 2012

Ten Albums

My sister and mom and I were discussing what ten albums we'd bring with us if we could only have ten forever. It's a tough question. We're interpreting it loosely--box sets count as one album, for instance. So both Em and I have the Bob Marley four-disc box set that had been our father's--"Songs of Freedom" on our lists. I'm also including a box set of old gospel that I listen to all the time: "Goodbye, Babylon." And one of the Bessie Smith box sets, probably Vol. 3 (there are five two CD box sets total). Some Sam Cooke, for sure. I've had a bunch of his compilation stuff--I'd want something with lots of the early gospel on it. Have to figure that out. Anyway, definitely Bob Dylan, "Nashville Skyline." That's five. There's so much else, of course. But that's a start. Yours?

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