Saturday, October 4, 2008

Seventh grade skater boys (and one skater girl)

During advisory time, I take the kids to the skate park across the street from the school (how cool is that?). But of course this being Portland, and now that the rains have started*, we are spending a lot of days--even dry days with wet pavement from morning rain--watching skater videos in Rachel's classroom.

So we are watching these guys skating up banisters and across stretches of pavement and through parking lots over loading docks...

Seventh Grader Number One: How do they find so much cool places?
Seventh Grader Number Two: They actually go out.

(This story might kind of have a moral: It will always be harder to be in middle school than to be an adult. I think my job puts the rest of my life in perspective--even if something sucks, I at least have so much more agency than I ever did back in the day.)

*to quote Aubrey

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