Thursday, October 23, 2008

Starbucks, karaoke, romance

Before parent/teacher conferences last week, I went to a nearby Starbuck's (limited suburban options) to get coffee and sit for a moment away from kids and parents and classrooms and gradebooks. A cute boy was just leaving--his shift had ended, he was saying goodbye to his co-workers, chatting as he's heading out. Cute boy was totally setting off my gaydar. But then he says, "So yeah, I got it. And next Thursday, we're all gonna go sing karaoke, and then I'm gonna sing, to her, you know? And..." he pulls out the box, gets down on one knee, practicing, then stands back up and passes the ring over for everyone to look at.

A girl behind the counter says, "That's gonna be so amazing!"

Another girl says, "Aaaah! Howwwwww cuuuute!"

First girl says, "You know she wants to be a wedding planner."

He gets his ring back and takes off. I finish my coffee and go back to work.

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